What Great Blue brings to you?

Crystal permeability constant sea and the inhabitants of the ocean depths allow the appeal slot Great Blue. In this gaming machine, a large number of unexpected prizes are provided, although the most tremendous fortune may be considered gratuitous winning spins. Pay Table as part of the prize is located beyond the Info button. At any sign indicated there, given factors. For example, the number 9 is dropped out 4 times, it means raising rates 25 times, other factors for you still definitely like.

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The bonus game

A separate point here is the bonus game. Naturally, almost all depends on the rate and provided that the total of the rate was highest, to receive 10,000 bonus for the game happens quite elementary.

Great Blue- the authentic game

Connector Great Blue - Arabesque series of 25-line ****** slot. This is a non-severe, cheerful game, great entertainment with beautiful music and visual design. But it is not only the aesthetic side but also has the ability to boast the gaming machine - is in it and what is the authentic "game time", which focuses splash of adrenaline, and the player is fully dipped in what is happening. With all its own outdoor sweetly - it is a serious gaming machine.

And pay it as serious. In consequence of this should be taken this game vibrantly as in front of you - an authentic "collection" of different bonus games, bonus spins and other "goodies" that are seen heavier currency account.

Great ocean - gaming machine, wielding magic seductiveness for the players - not in vain it is 1 10-ke the most famous ****** slots. Including in the case if you do not prefer the pretty marine life, in consequence of this slot, you will likely begin to experience the double delight at the appearance of pearl shells and dolphins, as they just evoke fortunes in the majestic ocean.


Another feature of this game can be called the prize, or reward, the rotation - the player who hit 3 pearl shells, already lucky, but if it happens more and you choose the right 2 sinks 5 - the number of spins and the multiplier, he was lucky twice. The fact that the shell has the ability to hide a small number, and has the ability and tremendous, for example, 8 free spins with a multiplier to 10. This means that all wins are purchased for charitable 8 rotations will be increased by 10 times.

Other important factors

Criteria for the game in the gaming machine Great Blue does not stand out as a whole from the rules for most of the slots - elect part are doing bet and spin the reels - this is the top 3 impacts of action. Not least, there is in it, and some important factors that are not seen in every time slot. For example, in the majesty of the ocean there is a game in which the player has the ability to increment winning 2 times. For this it determines reddish or black card is covered on the monitor. If you guessed - gain increases.

Winning chances

The chance to win in this slot game is 50/50, but despite all of the above at a loss rate goes to the ******, but the benefit is likely to raise the necessary amount of tolerable own account. Taking into account that payments in this example and this slot machine is too big, doubling may be considered a great addition, and almost Present player - the truth, it is a present deservedly receive. Double game or a dangerous game offered later won any rate, that is, risk game have all the chances to go in the footsteps of one of the other, until the player does not fade own bid, or does not solve the brakes on what he has.